Limited Editions with long term impact

TWO MOON Editions is a collaboration between Artist Photographer Peter Funch (Paris) and Futurist Louise Opprud (Copenhagen). TME is an outlet for their love of art, for crafting stories and the endless pursuit of seeking inspiration for the now and the years that awaits us.

TWO MOON Editions will launch new, small and special Editions ongoing, and has dedicated 10% of all purchases to The International Tree Foundation, to secure that even one purchase can lead to a long term impact, giving back more to nature than we take.

In 2021 we launch the original photography from the awarded SONY film BOUNCY BALLS, where Peter and assistants capturing one of the most imaginative events from multiple angels, in the streets of San Francisco, directed by Nicolai Fuglsig. 

These Editions are iconic and a testimony to imagination. They can now be yours, with our intention that they will inspire your everyday living. 

With love, 

TWO MOON Editions

Louise & Peter, Paris 2021