One purchase = one opportunity for change

When you take something, give back more. One tree gives 8.333 sheets of paper for us to use, and the world uses a lot of paper. We need trees, they are a technology close to magic as can be - and they help keep earth in balance. 

When you buy anything with us, we and you, plant trees together. 

With THE POSTER you plant 4 trees, and with our other editions to be launched you will plant up to 600 trees. That´s a small forrest, and a big contribution to nature. 

We partner with The International Tree Foundation who have been carrying out this amazing work since the early 1900s.

Two Moon Editions is founded in 2021 in the exodus of the Global pandemic, on the way towards reconfigured futures where business can mean better, one step and tree, at a time. 

Please reach out with your questions. 

TWO MOON Editions

Limited Editions with long term impact



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